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April 15, 2011

It was a tricky Friday – first the temperature didn’t quite feel like it reached the 50 plus degrees as expected and after finally picking up the 70-200 mm lens and taking care of last minute client stuff, I headed to Madison Park. To warm up, literally, I took a few shots and moved around as the breeze kept me pacing! After a few fashion action shots, it was up to 57th & 5th!

One hour and twenty minutes later, I was ready to pack it in but decided on a coffee instead. With $2.25 invested and a little warmth generated, I hit the streets again! Either I was more alert from the coffee or the early Friday rush home created a little more energy.

After three and half hours total more or less, trails of color like green, pink, red and a streak of orange flashed in my mind. Lightweight scarves, knit hats, shades, beige over coats, handbags, bikes and heels also flickered around. It was a little brisk out, yes, but breaks of sunshine slipped through the clouds and gave us just enough Spring before the rainy forecasted weekend.

Happy Friday New York! I’m enjoying a Lagunitas Maximus ahora! Unlimited release to start off the weekend Petaluma style as California is probably wearing shorts!

Street Action Fashion (SAF) Photography by Matthew Carasella/©SocialShutterbug.com