Our Vision

When you see what Social Shutterbug is doing, you’ll want to support us!

Social Shutterbug’s vision is to become a team of highly skilled professional photographers who ignite a movement of charitable giving by shooting for a cause and delivering quality imagery.

Little Shutterbugs

Little Shutterbugs is a hands-on photography workshop for children that teaches the importance of visual communication and interactive learning.

Message from Escola Estrela do Mar Founder, David Leiner About the Little Shutterbugs workshop...

“Matt developed and implemented an innovative academic project that covered several disciplines. Combining photography with written and oral language skills, play, research and art in an organized and well-thought out manner, Matt led our students to advance their education to a degree disproportionately greater than one would assume by the short time he spent with us. All of the students took to these lessons with great attention and we noticed that several of our studdents who are often lag their classmates were particularly eager for Matt’s classes.”

Class of Contrast

Class of Contrast, by Matthew Carasella, takes readers inside the classrooms and homes of disadvantaged children attending Worldfund’s partner school Escola Estrela do Mar (the “Starfish School”) in Alagoas, Brazil. The contrast between the school and home environments provides a vivid image of how the Starfish School is working to break the vicious cycle of poverty in the community it serves. Each book cost $15.95 to produce and it is being sold for $25. Proceeds from book sales will benefit Worldfund and Little Shutterbugs.