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About Our Featured Causes…

Worldfund’s unique mission is to support high-quality and results driven education in Latin America – the key to transforming lives and reducing poverty. Their vision is for every child in Latin America to have access to a high-quality education and the tools to become a productive member of his or her local community.

Worldfund finances and manages proven initiatives in Latin America and provides a critical link between private investment and educational attainment in the region. Through their investment in schools, after-school academic programs and teacher/principal training, they directly impact 86,000 impoverished students annually, in Argentina,  Brazil, Chile, El Salvador, Guatemala, Mexico, Nicaragua, Peru, and Venezuela.

About Escola Estrela do Mar, a Worldfund sponsored school receiving donations from Social Shutterbug.

Founded in 2004, Escola Estrela do Mar (Starfish School) began in a small three room house to serve disadvantaged children from an impoverished neighborhood in Maceio, Alagoas – Brazil. Today it has grown into a fully equipped, modern facility with 98 students, 10 classrooms and 23 teachers and staff.

Escola Estrela do Mar delivers innovative, results-driven academic education along with a strong focus on personal development. This allows each student to reach his or her unique potential, not only in the academic professional sense, but also as kind, charitable individuals who will contribute to a better world.

What Escola Estrela do Mar has to say about Social Shutterbug…

“Matthew, Thank you! I thought the photos were terrific! Great job!”
Luanne Zurlo,
Worldfund Founder & President

Message from Escola Estrela do Mar Founder, David Leiner…

“The donations that Matt is working to procure for us are of a nature that is quite meaningful to our students. As school supplies are tangible in a way to them that donations that go to pay, for example, teacher’s salaries are not, this support is likely to make an impact beyond the utility that these items deliver; that is, the fact that someone is doing something kind for a student provides a practical example of the charitable spirit that we are working to nurture in our students. These donations are therefore practical and inherently educational.”