Founder's Message

Social Shutterbug’s business model strives to represent “doing well by doing good.”

HELLO and THANK YOU for taking the time to learn more about
Social Shutterbug
! I hope you are reading this because you are passionate about our mission to make a difference and want to hire us!

By combining a passion for photography, people and charitable giving along with the core values of honesty, trust, respect and fairness, all Social Shutterbug photographers are dedicated to “shooting for a cause.”

As founder, my passion for people starts with the relationships I have created with fellow photographers, clients and subjects and it extends to my desire to help the charities that touch my heart through photography. Personally, the importance of giving back really hit home after my experience of teaching photography to disadvantaged children in Brazil. I have been dedicated to creating a business that satisfies these passions and represents these values.

Therefore, a donation from all Social Shutterbug photography bookings will go to one of the featured charities. The donation is meaningful because it allows the client, photographer and Social Shutterbug to experience the richness of charitable giving while producing quality photography imagery together. It’s a win-win do-good experience that leaves everyone feeling fulfilled!

On behalf of all Social Shutterbug photographers, and myself we would like to thank you and welcome you as we continue “shooting for the cause.” Please take the time to get to know us and see our best work.

Whether you are a potential client, current client, fellow photographer or simply interested in getting involved, we thank you for supporting Social Shutterbug. Feel free to contact me directly via email, phone or Facebook. And remember, when you hire us, you help them!

I would love to hear from you!

Matthew Carasella
President, Chief Photographer

Social Shutterbug